Microloans & Alternative Lending Opportunities Webinar

Topic: Financing
Thursday, May 04, 2017 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM


This webinar is about expanding lending options for small businesses. Finding the right sources for capital in the current economic situation had been a constant challenge, even for the most successful small business. Microloans & Other Alternative Lending Opportunities is a webinar that will inform business participants about legitimate, alternative ways to secure funding which include various types of microloans; community advantage loan; 7A and 504 loans. This webinar will introduce you to alternative loan products and programs available to small businesses in New Jersey. This seminar is presented by a Loan Specialist with hand on experience and expertise on alternative lending to small business and it's a great opportunity for business participants to ask questions to ease the pressure of being in an actual lending situation.

Speaker(s): Lilibeth Herrera - RBAC

Fee: Free