Accessing Capital to Grow Your Business Workshop

Sat 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Financing

It is critical to make investments to grow your business, but it can seem almost impossible to obtain financing to do it. Most business owners are turned down for financing because they are not prepared and do not understand what needs to be done. Learn about strategies for significantly increasing your likelihood of success in obtaining financing for your business. This course covers the following topics: - Determining How Much Money You Need - The Universe of Business Financing Alternatives (Pros and Cons of Each) - What Goes into a Good Financing Proposal - How to Increase Your Chances of Obtaining Financing Participants in this training will: - Know how to figure out how much money they will need and determine the best type of financing for their situation - Understand what information is needed and what lenders / investors require to approve financing for a business - Receive a copy of the presentation and a booklet with useful information about obtaining financing Based on this knowledge it will be easier to: - Put together a financing plan for your business - Know what type of financing you need and who provides it - Avoid common pitfalls that will derail the financing process - Obtain the financing you need quicker and easier

Speaker(s): Andrew Frazier - A&J Management

Fee: $ 25.00