Risk Resilience - A Common Sense Approach to Supply Chain Risk Webinar (CAP)

Fri 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Managing a Business

This discussion will incorporate basic supply chain principles and apply to real-life examples. Examples from the Pandemic will be incorporated into the discussion. Leadership will be a key component of the enterprises' success in managing risk. Leadership strategies will be incorporated through each topic.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • The VUCA World – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and how strong leadership can turn this into a competitive advantage
  • Tools on anticipating potential risks and putting mitigation plans in place in conjunction with the enterprise risk management
  • Critical elements of a Business Continuity Plan that every company and its suppliers should have to respond to a major risk event.
  • Anticipation and Action of risk events and leveraging into innovative solutions for the enterprise that can be leveraged for future growth and new business models
  • Follow-up discussions and coaching will be made available by the Professor to aid your enterprise in this continuous improvement journey.


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Joseph N Agresta - Assistant Professor Supply Chain Management, Rutgers University

With teaching and coaching as his passion Joe joined the Rutgers Business School Faculty as Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Supply Chain. He brings his unique perspective form theoretical to the practical end-end Supply Chain. Joe continues his engagement with industry as the Supply Chain program leader for Industry Client relationships, projects and alumni engagement. He has recently been appointed Coadjutant for the M.S in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence Program. Joe continues to mentor veterans and military service associates as member of the American Corporate Partners (ACP) industry group. He is part of a national team developing leadership education for persons with disabilities. Joe is honored to teach, coach, advice and provide end to end thought leadership around the globe for the students at Rutgers University!

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