Launching a Private Label Product Webinar

Tue 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
Topic: International Trade

This webinar will cover the necessary steps to take to successfully launch a private label brand. It will cover:

  • What exactly is private labeling and how to decide if it is the right choice for your business?

  • What questions do you need to have answered by a potential private label provider, plus what features should you look for the facility to have, and why knowing these things will be important as you launch and grow your business?

  • What steps should you take now, to get started?


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Nelly Reyes - Freshie


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Nelly Reyes began her career at the age of 18 working at her father's import and distribution company. She is the daughter of the Founder of Lemisol®-The caribbean's leading feminine care brand since the early 1980s. She spent over 20 years leveraging her experience in the personal-care product industry in the US and internationally. After committing to living a healthy lifestyle that included practicing aware self-care and using only non-toxic personal care products, Nelly was searching for a feminine care brand that was natural, non-toxic, and would leave her feeling perceivably fresher. It did not exist, so she used her knowledge and experience and created freshie™. From that point on, fulfilling the unmet needs of women in the personal care products category, with superior quality, natural, and non-toxic solutions-while simultaneously contributing to the empowerment of women- became Nelly's passion and mission. To Nelly, freshie is about more than selling products. It's why we are committed to contributing 10% of the net proceeds from every unit sold on to supporting organizations whose mission is empowering women. Check out some of the organizations we've supported by clicking on Giving Back, and in every area of your life, keep-it-freshie!



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