Sales & Customer Aqusition

Fri 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales

- Do you have a marketing program that drives your marketing stategies & campaigns for proven result? - Do you know if this marketing program is engaging, with the right customers who want your products/service? - Do you know exactly which proven methods drive your customers to buy your product? In our Marketing DNA webinar we focus on these questions and more! Most small businesses are “marketing” the business idea, not the real product/service they are selling! Hence the focus on marketing your “brand”! STOP - Here is a paradigm shift – You are a small business, you do not have a "brand" to market yet! Your company has a product/service it wants many people to buy. Only when this product meets customer needs and expectations, saturates the market & start gaining name recognition can we talk of marketing the "brand". For now let's focus on building the infrastructure of a successful marketing program to connect ideal customers with your products or services. Participate in the RNSBDC Marketing DNA webinar"



Fee: $ 45.00