NJCRC- Cybersecurity Regional Cluster Program - 2024

On Demand
Until Sep 30
Topic: Technology

NJCRC Cybersecurity Program Description The NJSBDC will be providing coaching, training, technical assistance, and capacity building in the area of cybersecurity or cybersecurity infrastructure in order to mitigate digital scams and help your company mitigate risk and grow in a safe environment. Below is the process of receiving the services once you join the program:

  1. Step 1 Intervention: Onsite Needs & Risk Assessments (by appointment – approx. 3hrs)
  2. Sept 2 Intervention: Onsite Employer/Employee Training (scheduled after Step 1 intervention has been completed- approx. 3-4hrs)
  3. Step 3 Intervention: Onsite Post Training Monitoring & Evaluation (4-6month after Step 2 intervention – approx. 3hrs)

Cybersecurity Experts: Nalit Patel - All Solutions, Inc | Michelle Schaape - Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC

BCT Partners | Covenant Business Concepts | Kean Center for Cybersecurity | Small Business Administration |

The criteria for SME to participate includes the following:

  1. Gross Revenue of $500,000+ and more.
  2. Minimum of 2 employees and above.
  3. Must be in operation from a Commercial Space.
  4. Must be located in New Jersey

Fee: No Cost

Fee: No Cost

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