Cross Border eCommerce Seminar

Mon 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Topic: International Trade

This workshop will focus on: - Getting Cross-Border eCommerce Sales: Practical guidance for Small & Medium Sized Businesses - Cross-Border eCommerce Marketing & Brand Building: Grow your business globally & reach more potential overseas customers - Cross-Border eCommerce Payment Solutions: How small business can utilize payment solutions for their global buyers - Why eCommerce Translation: How language and communication plays a role in your digital presence including how an "English-only" mindset can potentially hurt your bottom line, and how to set yourself up for localization success. REGISTER:

Speaker(s): James Bledsoe, Deputy Director, eCommerce Innovation Lab

Co-Sponsor(s): DEC, Interpreters and Translator, Inc., MCEDC, NJ Business Action Center, SBA

Fee: $ 50.00

Phone: 908-269-8475


Allied Wealth Partners
Allied Wealth Partners
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