Independent Contractor or Employee? Understanding the Risk of Misclassification and How to Avoid It

Tue 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Many businesses choose to work with independent contractors, which is perfectly acceptable. But only if you follow the legal parameters. The IRS has strict worker classification rules regarding who is a contractor and who is an employee. Get it wrong and you could face severe penalties, including back taxes, steep fines and, in some cases, even prison. This free webinar will provide valuable and practical insight on how to properly classify freelancers, consultants, temps and other contract workers. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what’s needed to protect yourself from a costly mistake. Register now to learn: Primary tests government agencies use to determine worker status Various penalties for misclassifying workers Types of events that can trigger an investigation The right way to manage contractors to avoid legal oversights Steps to take if you suspect you’ve misclassified a worker REGISTER:

Speaker(s): Shanna Wall & Jaime Lizotte

Co-Sponsor(s): ComplyRight

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