Modernizing HR: 5 Ways to Streamline HR Tasks with Budget-Friendly Web Apps

Wed 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

Hiring, recordkeeping, time and attendance tracking, employee discipline, filing 1099 and W2s ... all of these tasks create overhead expenses and detract from revenue-generating activities. Do you know just how much manual, paper-based processes are costing your business? In the U.S., companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms, most of which become outdated within three months. Switching to cloud-based apps could cut the cost and streamline your HR processes. But which ones? The key to success is choosing the right apps for your business. Register now to learn: The top HR functions that can easily be handled with inexpensive cloud apps The "5 degrees of integration" that determine whether cloud apps will really save you time The single biggest benefit you can gain from using cloud apps for HR The four warning signs that a cloud vendor may not be a good choice REGISTRATION:

Speaker(s): Jaime Lizotte is the HR Solutions Manager at ComplyRight, Inc.

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