Cyber Security: Website Vulnerabilities: Keeping your business’ internet presence

Tue 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Topic: Technology

Like the front door of your storefront, you want customers to be able to visit and buy, but make it difficult for thieves and criminals to get in. While many security vendors push SSL certificates to stay safe, we’ll discuss why this isn’t designed to protect you (but why you still need one). We will explore why malicious actors hack websites, how vulnerabilities let them in, and some simple steps to stay safe. Register: ● How is your website built? Content Management Systems. ● What content management systems are most vulnerable to attack? ● What is a SSL and what does it do for you? ● Updating and patching Content Management Systems: best practices. ● Policies, procedures, and tools for patching vulnerabilities.

Speaker(s): Kathy Zant

Fee: No Cost