Increase business revenue, Contract with government, public and corporate institutions

Tue 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Topic: Government Contracting

A Single Contract Could Change Your Business Forever One contract can be worth thousands and in some cases millions of dollars to your business. It’s time you get certified and position yourself for massive growth. There is a Huge Revenue Possibility The federal government typically spends approximately $500 billion in contracts every year and the law requires that 23 percent of these dollars be awarded to small businesses, 5 percent to socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, 5 percent of women owned small businesses and 3 percent to HUB Zone certified companies. The State of NJ sets aside 25% of the total dollars expected to be awarded in contracts for SBE registered firms. There are counties with set-aside programs for M/W/B/SBE certified firms. And, there is more! The opportunity for small and minority-owned businesses to contract with government agencies is expanding, but too many small businesses are not certified or prepared to take advantage of the growing need agencies and corporations have for qualified businesses! What We Will Cover: • Determining the Right Certification For You • Completing the Essential State Certification and Registration • Acquiring Federal Certifications the Right Way • Which Diversity Certifications are sought by Corporations

Speaker(s): Dr. Stephanie Burroughs

Fee: No Cost