The Magic of Being Price Right

Tue 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Topic: Financing

Have you ever wondered how you can command top dollar for your business? How can determine what your products and services are really worth and then be able to charge (and get) those prices? Creating a perception of value is central to establishing and adhering to a pricing strategy that works. Learn how to determine the “going rate”, position your products and services as the highest value among your competition and create a backlog of potential customers/clients who are willing to pay what you’re really worth. Pricing needs to be strategically developed as opposed to setting prices to meet the vagaries of competitive influences. In this seminar, we’ll learn how to determine your fully loaded costs so you don’t “give away the store” or sell yourself short of profitability, then we’ll examine what the competitive rates are and how to position your business as the greatest VALUE at a profitable price point. This workshop is loaded with practical, hands-on tips and techniques. REGISTER:

Fee: $ 50.00


Phone: 908-269-8475


Washington Business Improvement District
21 Belvidere Avenue Washington, NJ 07882