Rutgers Business School's Fifth Annual Business Community Engagement Symposium NW

Thu 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Topic: Managing a Business

Rutgers Business School, with this Fifth Annual Symposium, reaches out and shares information on pressing business issues to stimulate collaboration among an audience of people from higher education institutions, corporations, entrepreneurial endeavors, and government. The theme this year is “Small/Mid-Sized Business Challenge: Making "Dough" Rise in the New Economy.” We particularly encourage registration by Small/ Medium Sized Businesses that have employees and have $1 million or more in annual revenues.

Our panelists cover many approaches on “making dough rise in the new economy”:

  • How a business was able to ‘pivot’ in the coronavirus crisis and stay viable,

  • A range of resources that are available through the State of New Jersey,

  • A mentorship program for small businesses that want to access procurement dollars from a major corporation,

  • Do’s and don’ts on how to get a business bank or SBA loan, and

  • How to successfully ramp up toward and on the e-commerce journey.

The Symposium will conclude with a half hour of networking in small groups.

Event website:

Must pre-register by December 1, 2020, to attend.

Fee: No Cost