Managing Toxic Employees

Tue 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Topic: Disaster Mitigation


with Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP

Managing other people that run your business is the #1 factor to success.

How you effectively deal with negative and difficult team members can mean the difference between having a toxic, drama-filled workplace, and an engaged, collaborative, and productive organization. To turn things around takes skillful management and patience. Learn successful strategies and tips for building a positive, productive workplace by knowing WHAT to focus on to move these interactions forward, HOW to respond, and WAYS to manage the impact of their behaviour.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Quickly and effectively address, coach, and counsel employees with difficult attitudes in order to improve their behavior.
  • Develop an understanding for those exhibiting typical difficult behaviours to effectively meet their needs and move the interactions forward.
  • Identify and control the impact of difficult people so that you can keep the situation from escalating further.
  • Know how to act, not react, in solving situations so that you can lead with more confidence, feel less stress, and gain more success in working and interacting with your team.

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Speaker(s): Charles Evans, Director of Business Development, Corporate Turnaround.

Co-Sponsor(s): U.S. Small Business Administration - Cares Act Grant

Fee: No Cost