Cyber Security Overview for B2C Businesses

Thu 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Topic: Technology

This webinar will deal with the risks and mitigation of cyber threats in online commerce, remote customer service or telework practices.

This Cybersecurity Program will go beyond intrusion detection and reactive remediation. It will provide insight on how to implement cost-effective measures designed to prevent cyber criminals from compromising the integrity of business-critical assets and information on a daily basis. The webinar also covers written policies and procedures to develop, maintain and enforce both internally and publicly on the business’ website. Topics will also include federal and state laws that impact business operations and the business data typically collected and stored.

Finally, this webinar will cover contractual obligations that clients may impose, and what business owners should expect and seek from vendors. The webinar also provides a number of best practices and helpful tips to educate end-users who access business’ information systems.

Fee: No Cost