The Value Gap In Your Business

Tue 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Topic: Managing a Business

Business owners have a lot of information at their fingertips. There are calculators and assessments available for just about every aspect of your business and personal situation. As a result, many business owners think they have an accurate idea about the value of their business. They may even think they have an idea of where the business value should be at their departure from the business. And retirement needs calculators are abundant, claiming they’ll give business owners a good idea about what they’ll need if or when they step away from their businesses. It can be difficult and somewhat complex to accurately measure the value of a company today, and then what it needs to be worth when the owner is ready to leave. Owners may be surprises to find “the gap” between the current value of their company and where the company value should be when they are ready to move on is much different than what they predict.

Speaker(s): IAN KANSKY, SFW Ian began his career as a Wall Street executive specializing in United States government securities working with institutional clients helping to finance the U.S. government debt. After ten years of Wall Street experience, Ian decided to use his financial experience as a business owner entrepreneur. First, in business to consumer cleaning services and then, as a business-to-business food service specialist to nonprofit agencies providing services to individuals with intellectual and development disabilities. As of 2015, Ian has come full circle and is now using his experience in Financial Services and business ownership to educate his clients on the implementation of a sturdy financial strategy. Ian’s passion focuses on guiding families with special needs loved ones and business owners on the implementation of sturdy financial strategies to ensure peace of mind forever.


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