BOA Credit Clinic - 6-8pm session

Thursday, March 23, 2017 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Interested in enhancing your personal & business financials? Need to know how bankable you are for a loan? Learn more about your Credit Profile!!!

1) How to understand one's credit situation/status based on what your credit report reveals
2) How credit scores are calculated; determined; impacted; manipulated and navigated. What factors impact the scores and how you can navigate/manipulate options to make them better work for you
3) How personal & business financial statements and tax returns impact/effect strategies developed to enhance a credit rating
4) How to disable the myth about personal and business financial issues not being interwoven and /or integrated has been disabled and
5) How investors, lenders and creditors use credit bureau reports to assess

Please park across the street in the Scarlet Lot located in the back of the Rutgers Business School (big glass building).Once arrived, you will be provided with a parking tag that should be then displayed in the rear view mirror inside your vehicle.
Feel free to call our office at 848-445-8790 or email at for further assistance.

Fee: Free

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