First Friday: Understanding Financial Statements in Partnership with HCEDC & UCEDC

Fri, Sep 6 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

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Join us on September 6th for the “First Friday: Understanding Financial Statements”, live webinar. Understanding the financial performance of your small business is fundamental to knowing if the business is meeting your financial goals or if changes are needed in the way you do business. We’ll use realistic sample financial statements to illustrate the concepts we are discussing. Participants are also encouraged to bring their existing financial information to discuss or evaluate in class.

During the workshop, we’ll focus on the following:

  • Accounting systems – we’ll help you identify the benefits of timely and accurate financial information and how a system can be put in place.
  • Basic financial statements – we’ll identify the basic financial statements that are common to all businesses and what they mean.
  • Interpreting financial information – we’ll guide you through the process, including setting benchmarks for business performance.
  • Making key business decision – you’ll learn how to use financial information to make key business decisions such as when to hire additional employees, when to adjust pricing, or how to reduce excess costs.

This workshop will have live Spanish interpretation available.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have registered, you will be sent access details to join the webinar in a separate email from our partners over at the UCEDC..


Speaker(s): Dr. Jairo Borja Training Officer UCEDC


Fee: No Cost