Sales Skills of the Best of the Best - WEBINAR

Tue 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
2 sessions ending Tue, Jul 13
Topic: Marketing and Sales

COVID – 19 has intensified the need in ensuring that each sales engagement results in an outcome that positively advances the sales process. The question arises as to how do a few sales associates consistently achieve and exceed their sales objectives and others just don’t seem to be able to make things happen? The Pareto Principle indicates that 80% of a company’s sales quota is being fulfilled by 20% of the company’s sales associates. The answer is clear that the Best of the Best have mastered specific skills and use them daily without exception. The positive is that even mediocre salespeople can become top performers through acquiring proven techniques to help them sell. This workshop will focus on the sales skills that the Best of the Best utilize on a consistent basis to result in sustainable sales success. Prior to the completion of this workshop, participants will be provided with the understanding of the importance of the proposition of Value Selling versus Product Selling. Value Selling is the fundamental methodology utilized by the Best of the Best and should become a primary element of each sales associate on your sales team. The areas of focus will include but not be limited to the following: • Critical “Soft Skills” • Value Selling Two Sessions: July 6 and July 13 1PM - 3PM Fee: Free

Speaker(s): Ron Jones, Adjunct Professor, Marketing and Professional Sales, Cotsakos College of Sales, William Paterson University.

Fee: No Cost